30 December, 2008

As the year about to end...

Christmas is still celebrated throughout this week until the Epiphany. And for those of you still having open house for friends and families, have a wonderful time. Every year we celebrate Christmas at mum's place. Christmas cake is a must and my friend Anies baked us a 2kg chocolate moist cake and guess what, we finished it in one day ;-) Thanks so much Anies. ( will post the pix soon)
This year 2008, life has been wonderful with the kids and husband. The kids are our inspiration to go on with life be it at good or bad times. But there were few incidents, heart wrenching and saddest moments we all went through this year. The parting of our late grand-aunt Rev. Sister Michael, my grandpa and grandma in Keningau. They were truly missed by all of us (friends, relatives, children,in-laws, grandchildren and great-grandchildren). Apart of this, there were few more things happened in our family circle which some of us couldn't understand whether it is for their own good or the other way round. For whatever the reasons or their reasons, I hoped it will not hurt the family ties which we all have worked hard on it even to this end. I appreciate and Thank God for all the good things come into our life, moments we shared with friends and families, as it all comes from HIM.
Before the year end, 2008 has been a memorable year for me. Thank you so much to my wonderful children (Ruth,Cynthia and Isaac) and loving hubby for being so understanding, I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!
I hope and pray that 2009 will bring many good things in life, and also YOU (friends/relatives).
Goodbye 2008

15 December, 2008


To all families, friends, blogger buddies,

Have a Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year 2009!!


Carol & Kids

09 December, 2008

The tree is almost done...

Recently I've posted looking for a theme to decorate our Christmas tree, thank you for the suggestions am sure will consider it for next year. So, here it is Silver white and pink. Almost done, but still looking for the right pink ribbons and the star to make it complete.

My two gals helped me alot, they were so excited and eager to set up the tree.

And these are few ornaments I bought recently just to add the pink ornaments which we already have.

Our kids are so happy for their tree is almost ready for Christmas. One day they will eventually know the real meaning of Christmas, for it is more than just a tree...

04 December, 2008

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Mama!

Happy Birthday Mama, We love you so much!

She's 82 years old Grandmother and still going strong. Grandma was born on the 21 st November 1926 in Penampang. We never failed to celebrate her birthdays every year, together with her children, grandchildren and great-grand children (I really hope I can reach the age to live and see my great-grand children).
We celebrated her birthday at my aunts place last tuesday (2 Dec), thou belated due to some unforeseen matters but everyone was happy especially Grandma. I ordered her birthday cake Carrot Cheese Cake and wow it was lip smacking and suppa duppa delicious ;-) Thanks Anies *hugs*

But look at those pinky candles, it was all over the cake, her great-grand children arranged it for her *lol* It was fun with the kids even though 'bising' and 'chaos' at times.

To everyone, aunty Irene, uncle William, uncle Marcus & aunty Lily, Uncle John, Ivy, Uncle Patrick, Grandma Prisca, mum, my darling hubby ;-), my brother Aaron, my bro Maxwell and SIL Rozie, cousin Marcel and SIL Sharly, cousin Fanny, cousin Kenneth and wife, oh yes definitely the children; Ruth, Cynthia, Alyssa, Jeremiah, Isaac, Zachary, Natasha and 'lil' sister. But one face is missing here is, Debbie... we missed you again this year but it won't be long..looking forward to see you in March next year!

Finally to Grandma, May God Bless You Always and give you good health and we all looking forward for another birthday for you next year! May God Bless Us All...

02 December, 2008

Candle Light

Author: Shannon Albo

Love is like a candlelight,
Glowing in the dark
The warmness kindles

From a tiny spark.

The light is soft at first,

Then, it grows bright,

For some, it grows over time,

For some, it's love at first sight.

If not taken care of,

The flame will slowly die

And when it's gone,
it leaves you
Sitting there, wondering, why..

(I took this pix while attending a private function)