26 October, 2008


Dreamlover blog belongs to a lady named Ivy Soraya a very nice name, an architect and she's from Indonesia. So, I went through her blog tonight and find it simple but there were some interesting postings made in here. She had about 65 postings for 2008.
Even though she described her blog about fashion, health, beauty just to name a few but I could hardly get to read postings especially on beauty and health. I do hope the blogger will write more on what they describe about their blogs. Anyway, some of the postings were quite interesting but I sensed the blogger did a lot of write-ups for post exchange as she had them about 30 postings for just the month of October? . No harm commenting about each others blog, as long as you put in a positive way. I would love to hear anyone out there, friends and strangers to give their honest reviews about my blog please :-)

23 October, 2008

Fine 'Peace' my Children

'Taxi-taxi' Isaac calling for customer in his bright yellow taxi, just like Noddy...(but without his long red tail bell cap). This is the spot we can never escape in 1 Borneo. Watching them playing especially weekends is like letting out their full energy kept for days. It's only mummy and daddy that needs to re-charge energy (just like the Energizer battery) to keep up with their tempo. "Hey, daddy do you need a ride back to Penampang?" Hop in!

The girls didn't want to miss the chance too, so apalagi.. the mini carousel jadi target

22 October, 2008

Beijing Olympic Concert

Last sunday (19th October 2008), Cynthia's school, Kiddie World Montessori held their 'Beijing Olympic Concert' cum graduation ceremony for the 2nd year Kindergarten at the Putera Ballroom, Taman Tun Fuad, Bukit Padang. Was she excited, oh yes, Cynthia woke up early than the usual day so anxious about her 'pom-pom' dance. Yup, she was one of the cheerleaders dancing on the 'High School Musical' song. We arrived around 9.30am and we could see most parents, family members and guests were already seated. We were seated at table number 7 with MIL while Ruth seated at table 15 together with other small kids. By 10.05am the school's Headmistress, Mrs. Dorie Dusing made her short welcoming remarks and announced the grand entrance by the school children. It was so much fun filled with colours and theme songs from the recently held Beijing Olympic in China. The concert came to its end around 12 noon, Hi-Tea (quiet heavy, the menu was more or less like lunch) was served and there was nothing else we could think of, went home straight and have a really nice afternoon nap. Am so proud with my little girl, she always love dancing. But here's another thing in my mind now, 2 days ago she told us she wants to play the violin?! Anyone have any clue where to find violin classes? enjoy the pix though a lil' blurr..

21 October, 2008

What's for dinner?

Yesterday evening after work, hubby and I had a 'Yummy' dinner at Lintas Square area. The kids of course had their dinner with the grands and Isaac at the nanny's place. So why not eat outside somemore it will save us time to cook at home. I had rice for lunch, so I decided noodles for the night. We ordered 'pan mein' at this shop 'Siang-Siang Pan Mein', sort of flat flour noodles soup with its ingredients, deep fried achovies, diced fried chicken meat, dried black fungus with some leafy vegetables. Slurrrpp ! :-) Add a dash of sesame oil, shallots crisps and chopped chilli padi, I had it really clean haha..

Pan Mein with a cup of hot Lemon Tea

20 October, 2008


This pix was taken if not mistaken 2 weeks ago, using my N73 (3.2megapixel) only but I managed to snap this quiet beautiful scenery, the sunset across the padi field. It was taken along the Penampang by-pass road, not bad huh.. hehe

Cynthia as usual always being so emotional, as we talked about sunset and how it will rise again tomorrow morning she bid the sunset with tears. Tsk..tsk..don't cry surely u will get to see the sun again tomorrow, I told her. That's our little girl Cynthia, being very emotional of things that touched her heart.

It's raining again..

It's raining outside and it's so damn cold here in office, too bad its a centralised air-cond otherwise we have already switched it off hours ago. Lazy to go out for lunch, my colleagues and I decided we 'tapau' lunch from the canteen only lah. Now I really feel like going for ZZzzz...just like Isaac here, oh how I wish :-(

11 October, 2008

Saying hello...

Hi there everyone,
I know its been awhile no posting or any updates from me here..its just my own problems like getting and finding the 'mood' again. There was one time I thought of 'resigning' here :-)
But rest assure, I will be back soon with few things in mind with some pix I've kept somewhere in my Sony Digital Cam.
I really appreciated all comments given in my last posting, thank you so much for supporting me especially in your prayers for my belated grandparents. I am touched by your comforting words especially for some of you which I've never met in my life. Thanks Anies, Rozie, Cay, Lady Java and Dora Erb.
Be back soon...