27 August, 2008

Kinabalu Shell Press Awards which was held on the 24th August (sunday) recently marking its 17 years of tripartite partnership between the Sabah Journalist Association (SJA), Shell Malaysia and the State Government. I've been in this committee since 1998 representing the State Government for premier awards to Sabah journalists being the role agents of social change in disseminating news and informations through media. Excuse me for not taking any pix to all the winners on stage that night, but it was on front page in our local paper yesterday. Congrats to all winners! RM5000 per awards and one chap from Berita Harian went home with 5 awards in hand (RM5000 x 5 awards)loaded bah!! The fact here is, Akademi Fantasia (AF) stars, Nadia, Candy, Velvet, Yazzer and our first Sabahan AF winner Stacy made a special performance for the awards nite. I was seated a little too far from the stage, with low lights plus the distance. Hope these pix clear enough to see ;-)

26 August, 2008

Family gathering

Last sunday our family gathered for a simple lunch at my mum's to commemorate the 8 years passing of my beloved daddy. Actually it falls on the 25th August but it seems everyone will be working late so we planned it on that sunday. It was fun filled with family love for it has been awhile we had such gathering with everyone there. Of course my dad will always be in our mind each and everyday of our life, we've missed his laughter and he used to pull out some old jokes to us and we will burst into laughter about it. Ok, lets get over this then..am beginning to feel sad already :-(
My kids, my nephews and niece played so much till they sweat, am sure they didn't know what they have been missing in their life..is their grandfather. Yes, neither one of them were born yet when my dad died 8 years ago. Here are some pix taken on that day, and thanks to Anies for making a wonderful carrot cheese cake for us, we ate all and none for my take-away ;-)

25 August, 2008

Spreading the BLOG LOVE

Dear Agnes, I've been keeping my 'Spread the Blog Love' quite some time, am now ready to spread its wing to others, thank you for spreading this to me ;-)

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21 August, 2008

Our local artist

These are all the paintings done by our local artists. I had the opportunity to visit their exhibition today which was held in the lobby area of our office building. Beautiful paintings, some were bought by Heads of Departments and the rest still waiting for buyers. Any buyer out there? :-) My favourite will be the turtle swiming in deep blue water, it was painted by a young artist. I wish I could paint and explore the wonder of nature through paintings.

Servay burnt to ground

Yesterday evening about 7.20pm I was standing at the balcony and saw from a distance big white and then black smokes rising up to the air, fiery flames can be seen from our 2nd floor apartment. I called up my hubby and my kids came along too curious to what I was looking at to. Some of my neighbours came out too and stood at their balcony wondering what could it be. This morning, while sending my Isaac to his nanny, she told us the Servay Hypermarket was on fire and completely destroyed. Oh my! I had goosebumps, the place we normally shop for grocceries and I was there only 2 days ago (tuesday this week). On my way to work this morning, my husband drove to the area just to confirm of what the nanny told us. Sad to see, it was totally gutted but thankful no casualties as reported in today's newspaper. There goes our Supermarket :-(
Cynthia had been talking about this incident the whole day today, we sense that she must have missed that place so much. She loved to shop in that hypermall, going around every department inside the trolly pushed either me or her daddy. Its just too bad, and now its all gone. While snapping these pictures, the smell of strong burnt metals really gotten into my nerves. Fireman still around making sure the fire is totally out, they really look tired and weary and onlookers standing nearby maybe wondering what items could have been saved at the very last moment before fire engulfed the whole building.

16 August, 2008

Saturday Nite Party

While posting this, my son is sleeping soundly in the room while my two gals still watching their PHDC (Play House Disney Channel)at this hour (10.20pm)
Actually the gals has been sleeping the whole afternoon today, I told them to get some sleep as we will be attending a birthday party tonight. My neighbour invited us to their son and daughter 1st and 4th birthday party, they made a double celebration as both born in August. Invitation stated at 7pm so we've got them ready and by 6.45pm we drove off to Inanam, Cherry Lounge Cafe. It took us about 15mins somemore the road was quite clear at that time. The place was quite cosy and there were tables around with lots of ballons and party pack for the children. Of course Isaac was so happy and excited, my son can never set eyes with ballons or else he'll just shout till he gets them.

We had buffet dinner, and not long after that the cake cutting, birthday song sang, candles blown and cakes distributed to all guests. In less or maybe an hour the celebration came to its end. Ruth said to me, " mummy how come this is such a short party?" "I'm not sure Ruth but maybe its just a simple celebration" I replied.
Actually I was thinking the same too hahaha...
We reached home about 8.20pm. They opened their party packs then continue their own 'party' at home, I guess they haven't had enough yet, it was funny :-D

06 August, 2008

How to raise a happy child

Like any parents, I want the best for my children. My hubby and I has done almost everything for our Ruth, Cynthia and Isaac. Making sure they are healthy, spending valuable time with them, happy and are loved unconditionally. Most parents wanted to know whether their kids are happy and how to develop a child self confidence and ensuring they are happy most of the time.
Some child psychologist said, happiness is not something that you can give to a child like presents but to develop a set of inner tools which they can rely on throughout their life.
The signs of a happy child:- always smiles, plays, exhibits, curiosity, shows interest in other children, doesn't need constant stimulation. These are among the points made by child experts which suggest parents to learn read the signs.
But there are times hubby and I become upset when our kids start throwing tantrums and also not eating well. Lil' Isaac eating habits are much better than his sisters, at least he is not in our lists of worries :-) I'm finding some ways now how to make a child eats better, some people says we have to put some creativity in preparing their meals, any suggestions? But anyways, I hope their poor eating habit is not link to any stress symptoms.
Few more suggestions from child experts on raising a happy child.
1) Make room for fun. I think this is one important point especially like us, working parents to spend enough time with our kids like playing together with their favourite toys, board games, watching cartoons and good movie together or simply read books with them. On weekends, we spend time with our kids like going to the mall, buy groceries, eating out or watch some Disney movies together.
2) Help them develop their talents. Well, this year hubby and I noticed our girls develop their interest in drawings. Drawings expressed their inner feelings and sometimes they drew us(daddy and mummy) in their drawings. There are times lots of heart shapes for mummy and daddy and there are times more X X X when they get angry with us hehehe... It's one way to know my kids feeling.
3) Teach them to do meaningful things. (I would like to know your suggestions on this)
4) Be their role model.

05 August, 2008

From me to you

Hubby gave me a small gift yesterday evening, a wrist watch by Beverly Hills, Polo Club. It's a small wrist watch I've ever seen though. I asked, what's the occasion? but he simply said, "I thought you might want another wrist watch". Hmm..ok in case you might be thinking, perhaps a new Sony Vaio laptop for me? Just kidding, thanks dearie :-) XOXOXO
Nothing to brag about it but I guess the thought that counts and that reminds me to find a suitable gift for him for his upcoming birthday. I guess I need your suggestions, any gift ideas friends?
When we wake up in the morning, it is our present from above,
Open your Present every day, giving thanks first to the Creator that gave it to you,
without thinking what is inside the box.
If today you do not receive the present you wanted, wait for the next one...
and appreciate what you received today

04 August, 2008

Baby New Dance

My colleague email me this video clip, it's funny and cute ;-) I thought of sharing this with you all.