03 December, 2009

Killer Croc..

About a week ago, hubby and I brought the kids to Tuaran Crocodile Farm. It was opened few years back but it never come across our mind to visit the place till only last week. Having a long weekend as it was a public holiday(Awal Muharam) that Friday, we decided to make the long weekend an intresting break with the children ;-) somemore daddy a.k.a. hubby will soon be away for two weeks working and kids need to spend more time with him lah..
We reached the place before 11 am just not to miss the 'Crocodile Show Time'. Some visitors already lining up to purchase the entry tickets which cost for an adult RM10 , kids RM5 (for Malaysian)..I wonder how much it cost for non-Malaysian.

bathing the croc by the expert..I think I can do this :-P

Care to dance with me Croc? uhhm.. I tried not to giggle watching this part of the show
(takut sumpahan orang dulu-dulu..mana tau hujan lebat ka kunun :-P )
they were actually performing the sumazau dance with the Croc on his head..

This is the scary part..the guy(left) trying to provoke the Buaya Tembaga (Crocodylus Porosus) weighing more than 1000 pounds

whoa..look at the size..

if you're not the expert...stone reflexology at Taman Ujana, Luyang sounds much
better than this..so just let the Croc bask peacefully lah

or this...huhuhu

and this...of course all stunt actions made very careful by the experts
don't ever try this even if you have one at home as a pet :-] hehe..

We really had fun with the kids.. :-))