26 May, 2009

I need a long break..

Golf?!...why not..

Perhaps Yoga by the beach at sunset..sounds good already..

I would do the same for my vacation, take a pix of my toes..hehe..relax ma..

hmm wish it was me and my other half..

Not much to post about lately...been busy with work and too occupied with house chores. I'm more than tired, exhausted and worn out to be exactly and I need a break..a vacation...just like all these pix..take care people..let me know if you just had your vacation or planning for a good holidays..

12 May, 2009


I came across this article from http://www.babycenter.com from my weekly newsletter subscription and found it interesting as stress can occur to small kids (preschooler) too.
So I better check any of these signs on my two preschoolers (Isaac and Cynthia)..

Most of us thought only the adults and teenagers have stress problems, but as parents we also need to ensure our young ones are physically and emotionally 'OK' .

'Most of the time, your preschooler is probably a happy kid. But did you know that very young children can get stressed out, too? Common stressors for preschoolers include having too many planned activities, the lack of a stable routine, feeling sick, a move, a separation from a beloved caregiver, or the arrival of a new sibling. Some signs a child is feeling pushed or stressed:
  • She suddenly seems withdrawn and disinterested in things.
  • There's a change in her personality, especially from sunny to sullen or angry.
  • She resists when it's time to go play.
  • She insists she wants to "go home" when you've just arrived at a new place.
  • Her toilet-training progress seems to regress (daytime accidents after several weeks or months without any, for example).
Give your child extra TLC during stressful times. Reassess what's going on in her life and see if you can put more security and stability back into it. For example, if you think the problem might be too much activity (and all the related rushing and nagging), scale back your plans.'

07 May, 2009

Thinking of cakes for Mother's Day?

My son's birthday cake - look at those tiny cute colourful fishes

Do you have a passion and patience on baking beautiful and delicious cakes, cupcakes and cake decos just like at Deana's? I've got to know Deana through other bloggers about a year ago..and I've ordered more than twice from her (birthday cakes and cuppies), this is not only because of the delicious cakes and cuppies she made but the decos are so amazingingly astonish. Her cakes and cuppies seems to be preventing you from touching and eating it which I almost did when I ordered for my son's birthday cake..it was too beautiful to cut it :-D At Deana's you will find her cakes aren't only delicious but demanding lots of skills to create a real masterpiece.

I believe Birthday's, weddings and any special celebrations, a delicious and beautiful cake is worth an extraordinary memory. So for those of you who will be celebrating Mother's Day this coming Sunday and have no idea what to give for your dear mother, perhaps Deana can help you bake your favourite cake a special homemade cake just for a great mum to say how much you care and loved her..

06 May, 2009


Our little Isaac is so into Ultraman movies. At times he acts like them (Ultraman)...showing the cross hands, jumping, kicking etc. So the other day while cleaning the cabinet closets I counted the DVD/VCDs and quite suprisingly there are 20 pieces of Ultraman movies. Gosh! who bought all these huh? hubby...is it you? yeah I admit buying only 2 or 3 of them only.
At times we could not even watch any other programs on Astro, I'm missing my 703 already huhuhu...and poor sisters Ruth and Cynthia they'll have to sacrifice their own favourite programs on Astro for the little brother unless the bro is not at home.
So here are some pix taken one of the evenings, I took 3 snaps on him watching this la..and didn't even bother to look at his mummy...hmmm