29 June, 2009

MJ - 1958 - 2009 (You will be missed so much!)

25 June, 2009

Let's bowl...

I still have few more minutes...why not upload more pix kan haha...
yup I have not finish uploading.. ;-)

hubby's turn..watchout!

tadaa...yeah I know he is much-much better, that's why I won't show you my pix here..
selalu bergolek di longkang :-P

leaving on a heli the next day..Isaac cried his heart out..poor baby


It's Thursday today...which means one more day tomorrow (Friday) and it will be the weekends I long, for I can sleep a little late and watch my movies and wake up a little late the next day.. :-)
By the way here are some pix taken, some recent and some taken a month or two of my 3 little "bunnies" ;-)
This is the way I eat my donuts..yum..yum..

The hair band & wand belongs to his sister, Ruth but I caught him one evening sitting
watching TV looking like these hehehe...

Time to Zzzz...must be tired playing fairylands with the two sisters (usually he's the elf)
and watched 2 CDs Ultraman movies

the girls can only take out their story books when the little 'elf' asleep or otherwise
he's sure gonna pull some crayons and starts drawing on it

Darling Ruth's 7th birthday cake
she requested Cinderrella chocolate moist
thanks to Aines..you are one good baker my friend :-)

All in the family with the birthday girl
Happy Birthday!!

Showing his own version of 'peace'
peace to you Isaac 'Y'

Waiting for other family members to arrive celebrating Mother's Day
(from left - bro Aaron, Cynthia, mum, Ruth, Isaac and hubby)

'I don't think I can' says Isaac
sisters trying to convince their brother..

now..look who's playing on his own..

24 June, 2009

Kisses for you..

* Our daughter celebrated her 7th birthday on the 10th June

21 June, 2009

Happy Father's Day

It's Father's Day today..to all friends..the father's :-)...wish you all
Happy Father's Day and God Bless!!
To dear hubby @daddy, We hope to celebrate Father's Day with you when you reach back home..we love you much dear and may God showers you with His daily blessings :-D
To my late daddy..I offer my prayers for you

08 June, 2009

Just another ordinary day..

The human heart feels things the eyes cannot see, and knows what the mind cannot understand.
~ Robert Vallett

Hi all...what's up? I haven't taken any long holidays yet, perhaps a shorter gateway soon ...but hubby has drop us few hints of going somewhere next month (July) I'll hang on to that ;-)
Weekdays last week spent on some courses but weekends was fun watching "Hannah Montana - The Movie" with my girls... somehow the song and the lyrics 'The Climb' (soundtrack for the movie) has touched and gives me the inspiration.. take care people..XXX

Miley Cyrus ~