26 March, 2008


Jeremiah or better known as Jboy my brother's 2nd son. Chubby as you can see from his pix and of course very heavy too hehe... He's 3 years and 2 months of age.
Second in the family, eldest sister Alyssa is about the same age as my Cynthia and is now year one kindergarten and Zachary the youngest which again the same year born with my little Isaac. How creative are these two families having two kids each born at the same year yah... :-)
When all the kids(mine and my nephews and niece) gathered together at my mum's place, I think my mum surely will get headache one hahaha... It's fun to see them playing together and it reminds me of my childhood with cousins all around.

I was told by his (Jboy) mum that he's got another nicks hehe...'AhPiew' and 'Gendut'. I was made to understand the nick 'AhPiew' was from my mum..as she said there's a resemblance between Jboy and AhPiew face (pork meat seller) in Keningau..how could you mummy! hehehe... 'Gendut' I guess he's heavy..yeah heavy as 2 sacks of 10kg rice and I myself could not carry him long. It's good to see healthy kid growing like him. I can't wait the boys (Jboy, Zachary and Isaac)play football together hehehe...

24 March, 2008

Awfully sick

It was cloudy day but the tempreature must be 30 celscius or above. I had migraine due to my sore throat and shivering eventhough the air-con was off. I hate being ill coz I couldn't do much with my daily routine at home. I can hear my kids playing outside while I tried to get a short nap. It was 3pm and I was thinking my kids should be taking their afternoon nap by now.
Couldn't stand the noise anymore, with heavy migraine, I came out from the room clutching a piece of stick, whack each leg that I could reach...ouch!
My daughters started to cry but at that time my ears were deaf, left silence..I could only think of my much needed sleep/rest. Despite the sore throat, I could hear myself yelling at them. I've wreck our Easter sunday..yup totally ruin
The antibiotic which I took 3 days ago didn't help much, maybe I need a stronger medicine. If I could only phone up 'Oh God what is happening to me..please help'
Here I am, in the office, thinking about my kids, wondering what's in their mind. I could have control my temper, I could have just tell them to stop playing while mommy's trying to get some rest..
I need to get well soonest possible, Isaac need me and my daughters too..

18 March, 2008

Our dear Mama

She's my grandmother, we call her 'mama'. This year she will turn 82 years old. I defined her as strong will and cheerful grandmother. Here she is taken during Christmas Eve 2007 at my mum's place, masih bergaya kan my grand..hehe

I used to dance along with the tune of joget, sumazau and scotish dance played on her favourite accordion when we were about 8 and 10 years old. She played it on special occasions, whenever cousins and friends came by to her house. It warms up every hearts listening to the enchanting sounds of the accordion hehe..

She seldom play it nowadays, kinda miss it too. I think will ask her to play some tune for Kaamatan Festival in May :-)


Hi there, I heard some people wanting me to update my home decos, I haven't done much with it. Here are some pixs, feel free to comment..thou not an expert but can la kampung-kampung

17 March, 2008

Fun weekends

Yesterday was another event for my two girls. Aunty Sharly came over and kidnapped them at around 9.30am. Left me and Isaac at home, I said, Yippe! it gives me more time to play with my toddler. I managed to clean the house and cook something for lunch.
I knew the girls were having so much fun watching Disney movies and doing some colouring, aunty Sharly can be a teacher la this...
Isaac had so much fun, playing toys in his baby cot and riding his car and bicycle around the apartment. He played with the tortoise in the tub..didn't scare him at all!
It was nice weekend, blue skies and cool breeze..

God won't ask

God won't ask what kind of car you drove;
He'll ask how many people you drove who didn't have transportation.

God won't ask the square footage of your house;
He'll ask how many people you welcomed into your home.

God won't ask about the clothes you had in your closet;
He'll ask how many you helped to cloth.

God won't ask what your highest salary was;
He'll ask if you compromised your character to obtain it.

God won't ask how many promotions you received;
He'll ask how many you promoted others.

God won't ask how many friends you had;
He'll ask how many people to whom you were a friend.
God won't ask why it took you so long to seek salvation;
He'll lovingly take you to your mansion in heaven, and not to the gates of hell.

14 March, 2008

Puppy love

My daughters really love to have a puppy at home and they kept on asking us to get one for them. But living in an apartment has made it difficult to fulfill their wish. The only time they can play and have fun with pups is at their grannys in Penapah. 'Mummy, when nobodys at home, we can put the puppy in the bedroom till we come back' said Ruth. Sounds desperate to have one, hehe...kesian also la

However, we have a pair of tortoise, I forgot their names, they have names which I think Cynthia named them. We also have 6 small fishes 'ikan sapat' we bought this in Tamu Dongonggon haha..1 died when it suddenly jump to a pail of soap water during cleaning the tank.

So, I guess my kids have to wait till we have a house and a backyard for their pups.

13 March, 2008


Easter is just around the corner, normally the Christians will observe the Holy Week starting next week celebrating the Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday. I remember when I was in my primary school days, our teacher asked us to bring empty eggs shells to school. Very exciting as you can imagine, I remember painting an egg shell with colours of rainbow. Some with eyes, moustache and lips haha...

It reminds me to prepare some empty egg shells for Ruth, and I haven't done anything yet...oh oh.. School will re-open next monday, I better get that eggs ready before she comes home this weekend.

Home cooking or else 'tapau'

Every evening after fetching my daughter Cynthia from her school, I will surely go 'tapau' dinner for the two of us. Kesian kan, but I have no time, the time we reach home is nearly at 6pm and I have to boil water for Cynthia's bath, take dry clothes from the lines, etc..etc..then rush to fetch our little Isaac from his nanny apartment.

How I wish, upon reaching home, dinner ready to serve, house is clean with all the kampung dishes that I love to eat :-) . My hubby kept reminding me to reduce meat consumption for health reason, well yeah...I don't really take meat that lot as I still prefer fish but maybe at times he(hubby) might have seen me taking meat from breakfast to dinner..hehehe..(not always la)

So, I read in the paper few days ago about food in Sabah. It says, maybe nowhere in Asia you can find so much food variety, at quality than in Sabah's capital, Kota Kinabalu. How fortunate Sabahan is, fresh seafood, fresh vegetable and fruits all year round. All in affordable prices, so I hope the 'tapau' food that i ate most of the time, is fresh and good enough for us to supply daily nutrients to our body la...not everyday 'tapau' ya, coz last nite I manage to cook one dish, Cynthia's favourite that is, Mackerel (sardines) with onions and tomato ketchup, it was yummy for the two of us :-)

Raising a good kid..how?

For many good parents, raising a good kid is terrifying because it is so important to us because so many things can go wrong. We wish our children grow up as well as we can arrange it. Bad examples, we hear them on the news and read them in the newspaper. When said we try to raise a good kid, depending on what we mean by 'good' which always have priority of parents. I remembered how I was raised, of course with all the good and bad experience of growing up. But I thing I didn't come out too badly hahaha..well, having a 'conservative' parents huh..
However, experience in each family is so special, there are families who have had troubled children, others who have so-called successful children la..but I think the most important we understand their feeling, which I'm trying to now with my own kids. It's not easy but I think both side should put an effort to it for respect, love and for what God has created each of us living here on earth.

10 March, 2008

Aunty Sharly with the gals

Every time my girls meet their aunts (Debbie and Sharly) sure will 'kerjakan' them. Amazingly these 2 aunts still can stand their hyper-active lifestyle. On some occasions I let the two girls seat next to their aunts, so I can relax...hehehe..and mingle around with others while the aunts trying their best to entertain them. Hey they did pretty well job you know, blum jadi parents lagi already know how to make my 2 princess happy. So Sharly and Bie, if you are reading this, bila lagi mo jaga ni? So I can go out for a date with daddy Isaac hehehe...

07 March, 2008


Yup, weekend is here. So to all Malaysians out there (kawan-kawan semua) don't forget tomorrow, go out and vote for your next Government :-)
I might have to ask Mrs. Wong (Isaac's nanny) to day care my little 'Tigger' otherwise a small hand will join me 'pangkah' my vote paper..
So happy weekends folks, see ya all next week on the next Government hmm..hmm..

05 March, 2008


I wish today is just another ordinary day, sending the kids to school, my husband to work, you know, our daily routine. I've just got back from the car workshop and the car engine really in bad shape, can't stop blaming myself for it. I'm sure hubby will whack me if I'm a kid.
I need a car, especially saturday (polling day) hopefully they can fix it by friday evening. Sorry for being so passive, but I can't help it...

Flash Flood

Yesterday evening was a total disaster to our car. Water up to knee length and I think such a stupid idea going through it. Now our poor car is in the workhop waiting to be fix, the mechanic just called up saying it might be a major problem with the engine, Oh God please I hope it's not so serious. Am waiting, anxious and feeling so stupid! So folks, I've learn my bitter lesson that is not to drive even if you thought you could go through it.

04 March, 2008

I'm not sure what when wrong with the internet server, I'm getting upset for not able to upload the pics, My 'Home Decor' as you notice still without its pictures as mentioned. :-(
My friend, Sara from Torino, Italy sent me an email asking where are all the photos..hehe..hope to upload for you soon Sara.
Gotta go now, it's raining cats and dogs now. See ya tomorrow, ciao..

03 March, 2008

Home Decor

Have you ever imagine going back after a hectic hours in the office to a cosy place called 'Home'? Yup, mee too. I bought some magazines on home interior design few weeks ago. Maybe some of you have seen this mag:- 'Anjung Seri', 'Impiana' etc..
Sometimes I would rearrange the furnitures around the house till my hubby said 'tiada kerja kah' hehehe....but not too worry coz he always said 'ok' with my arrangement ;-)

Our apartment is about 1000 sq ft with 3 bedrooms, quite spacious for a small family, been staying here for more than 4 years already. Mostly we chose wood furnitures for our house coz it looks simple and neat. I have taken some pix last year, maybe you would like to comment on it