17 August, 2009

Jalan-jalan cari makan

Last week hubby brought us to Monkey Brass restaurant(hope I got it right) for dinner. I would say the food is not only delicious but the price were quite reasonable too. Here are some of the pix taken that evening.

Cynthia and Ruth ordered chicken spanghetti, I love the sauce very much

For starter..I had this Mango sauce cuttlefish salad..you must try this :-)

For main course..baked salmon

Dumpling..Ruth's favourite light snack ( we had this during one evening near Lintas Luyang)

Enjoying her dumpling while waiting for the main course to be served

While Cynthia enjoying every sip of fresh coconut water

13 August, 2009

Bedtime story

Recently I bought few more story books for Ruth and Cynthia, they were excited and started reading each one of them. I set up a small library at home, making sure they have a place to sit and read their books comfortably and sometimes Isaac would join them too. Normally before bedtime, either daddy or myself will read them a short story. But last Wednesday night, I was not feeling well and awfully tired and my turn to read the bedtime story. I opened the book and begin searching the shortest story I could find but Cynthia insisted me reading "Little Red Riding Hood" for them. Hmm..okay, but I told her it's going to be a short version and she quickly said "yes" :-)
So..Once upon a time...bla..bla..bla..then turning few more pages (by now I could hardly open my eyes)..but still I continued reading ...bla..bla..bla..when suddenly Ruth said, "mummy why the wolf wants to eat the chicken"? and I was like 'huh'? where is this chicken come from..I said to myself..no chicken involved in this story lah..mak datuk! this mummy was half asleep while reading the book. Okay..okay..let me sit up straight and finish the book ...so we continue till the end of the storylah..and ZZzzzz

10 August, 2009

All sorts of things in a week... :-)

Small yellow daisies catches my attention

This is the cheese cake we ate during one of the functions last week, the sweet and creamy cheese and strawberry syrup was super delicious but I had to pay the price for eating it,
bad sore throat the very next morning..

Aerial view of Mt.Kinabalu taken from the airplane..luckily I brought my digital camera with me on my way back from Sandakan to Kota Kinabalu yesterday afternoon.

I'll be back soon with more pix, mean time take care people..