30 April, 2008

Good home cooked meal!

What's your fav home cooked meal?
I love to cook if I'm in a mood to cook haha...well ya, I can cook a few dishes which my mum ever taught me ie: Curries, chicken with rice wine (love this so much..), stir-fry beef with ginger and alot more lah..
But we as a society have forgotten what real food looks and tastes like. However, I believe this to be a symptom of a deeper problem: Namely, we have forgotten that a real meal involves fellowship with other people. This is not surprising in our culture of fast food and TV dinners, where convenience has replaced community as the apotheosis of the culinary. Real food means real meals, and real meals mean real fellowship, especially when it comes to family life. Nothing brings together friends and family like a delicious home-cooked meal!

A Friend Is...

A Friend Is...
A push when you're stopped,
A guide when you're searching,
A song when you're glad,
A word when you're lonely,
A smile when you're sad.

I feel blessed for having good friends around me. They are my inspirations, jokes which we could share, laugh together, a friend that will listen to you when you're sad, they can be a good adviser too :-) Thank you for being my friend!

24 April, 2008

*^*^* Birthday Wish! *^*^*

Yesterday I reminded hubby not to go for his usual outstation in KL next week...hehe..it sounds selfish huh ;-) yeah but the reason behind this is I want him here for my birthday lol...
To tell ya, we seldom celebrate our birthdays together, particulary mine...either he will be in offshore or else in KL. So I guess, I have to be abit selfish la for this year..hehe..coz I just want the whole family to be here so we could celebrate and go and have something to 'mamam' (eat) and that will be a great gift for me already :-)

23 April, 2008

Be extra careful

I was on my way to pick up mum as she asked me for a ride to bank this morning. Stopping by the traffic light near Damai Plaza, Luyang, while waiting for the green light I saw this fella (pedestrian) walking towards the front car. Saw him trying to open the front passenger door but I guess it was locked inside. Oh my goodness! instantly I press the auto door lock, am sure this fella trying to do something to that lady driver. It happened so fast, less than a few seconds he ran across towards Bornion Centre. Was he trying to snatch something from the passenger seats? ewww..be careful ya..lock your car while driving.

22 April, 2008


Hi everyone, I don't have anything to blog about today but just wanna share this pix with you, don't you think she's such a cutie and adorable? Some parents love to dress up their babies and have their pix taken something like this.

21 April, 2008

Kiddie World Sports Day!

Cynthia is so obsess with 'Spiderman', so here I present you 'Spidergirl (next to her, Amber..cute kan)

My girl leads the 'pom-pom' hurray!!

Cynthia with her classmates

"Ruth, mummy wants to take my pix alone la"

Pre-schools/toddlers getting ready for the grand entrance

Yesterday(sunday) was Cynthia's school sports day. We arrived Tshung Tshin Secondary School hall at about 9am and I could see many parents stood by the hall entrance waiting for the kids to line up for the march entrance. Cynthia was so excited to see her school mates again as she was absent since monday for a week due to red eyes(conjungtivitis)..yeah she kena juga lah..
Thou feeling much better already, but her eyes looked abit puffy
Hubby and I took part the mother and father fun games, waduh..tired also la coz our opponents are all big size mummies and daddies but too bad no pix to show here coz both buzy with the games hehehe...
Now I'm not feeling well not because its monday but I guess am getting flu and soar throat.
Anyway here are some pix taken from the event.

18 April, 2008


Hubby lost his handphone on his way to the airport about 4.30am today. I received his call this morning from KL informing me about the matter. I even reminded him to check his wallet, handphone and air ticket all in his backpack before he left the house...this is the second lost ...hmmm @#%?/!
So tomorrow morning, have to pick up the new SIM card from DIGI. Maybe just buy a cheap-cheap handphone lah...so if its missing or stolen again..at least tidak sakit hati lo.....


Dear friends,
I would love to share this with you, it was e-mail to me this morning..it touched me in a sense

The pickle jar as far back as I can remember sat on the floor beside the dresser in my parents' bedroom. When he got ready for bed, Dad would empty his pockets and toss his coins into the jar. As a small boy I was always fascinated at the sounds the coins made as they were dropped into the jar. They landed with a merry jingle when the jar was almost empty. Then the tones gradually muted to a dull thud as the jar was filled. I used to squat on the floor in front of the jar and admire the copper and silver circles that glinted like a pirate's treasure when the sun poured through the bedroom window.
When the jar was filled, Dad would sit at the kitchen table and roll the coins before taking them to the bank. Taking the coins to the bank was always a big production. Stacked neatly in a small cardboard box, the coins were placed between Dad and me on the seat of his old truck. Each and every time, as we drove to the bank, Dad would look at me hopefully. 'Those coins are going to keep you out of the textile mill, son. You're going to do better than me. This old mill town's not going to hold you back. 'Also, each and every time, as he slid the box of rolled coins across the counter at the bank toward the cashier, he would grin proudly 'These are for my son's college fund. He'll never work at the mill all his life like me.'
We would always celebrate each deposit by stopping for an ice cream cone. I always got chocolate. Dad always got vanilla. When the clerk at the ice cream parlor handed Dad his change, he would show me the few coins nestled in his palm. 'When we get home, we'll start filling the jar again.' He always let me drop the first coins into the empty jar. As they rattled around with a brief, happy jingle, we grinned at each other. 'You'll get to college on pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters,' he said. 'But you'll get there. I'll see to that'
The years passed, and I finished college and took a job in another town. Once, while visiting my parents, I used the phone in their bedroom, and noticed that the pickle jar was gone. It had served its purpose and had been removed. A lump rose in my throat as I stared at the spot beside the dresser where the jar had always stood. My dad was a man of few words, and never lectured me on the values of determination, perseverance, and faith. The pickle jar had taught me all these virtues far more eloquently than the most flowery of words could have done.
When I married, I told my wife Susan about the significant part the lowly pickle jar had played in my life as a boy. In my mind, it defined, more than anything else, how much my dad had loved me. No matter how rough things got at home, Dad continued to doggedly drop his coins into the jar. Even the summer when Dad got laid off from the mill, and Mama had to serve dried beans several times a week, not a single dime was taken from the jar. To the contrary, as Dad looked across the table at me, pouring catsup over my beans to make them more palatable, he became more determined than ever to make a way out for me. 'When you finish college, Son,' he told me, his eyes glistening, 'You'll never have to eat beans again - unless you want to.'
The first Christmas after our daughter Jessica was born, we spent the holiday with my parents. After dinner, Mom and Dad sat next to each other on the sofa, taking turns cuddling their first grandchild. Jessica began to whimper softly, and Susan took her from Dad's arms. 'She probably needs to be changed,' she said, carrying the baby into my parents' bedroom to diaper her. When Susan came back into the living room, there was a strange mist in her eyes. She handed Jessica back to Dad before taking my hand and leading me into the room. 'Look,' she said softly, her eyes directing me to a spot on the floor beside the dresser.
To my amazement, there, as if it had never been removed, stood the old pickle jar, the bottom already covered with coins. I walked over to the pickle jar, dug down into my pocket, and pulled out a fistful of coins. With a gamut of emotions choking me, I dropped the coins into the jar. I looked up and saw that Dad, carrying Jessica, had slipped quietly into the room. Our eyes locked, and I knew he was feeling the same emotions I felt. Neither one of us could speak.
This truly touched my heart. I know it has yours as well.. Sometimes we are so busy adding up our troubles that we forget to count our blessings.Never underestimate the power of your actions. With one small gesture you can change a person's life, for better or for worse. God puts us all in each other's lives to impact one another in some way. Look for Good in others.The best and most beautiful things cannot be seen or touched - they must be felt with the heart
~ Helen Keller

- Happy moments, praise God.
- Difficult moments, seek God.
- Quiet moments, worship God.
- Painful moments, trust God.
- Every moment, thank God.

17 April, 2008

Spaghetti and Meat Balls

1 large egg
Coarse salt and ground pepper
1 large onion, finely chopped
6 garlic cloves, minced
1/2 cup plain dried breadcrumbs
3/4 cup finely grated Parmesan cheese, plus more for serving
8 ounces ground pork
8 ounces ground dark meat turkey
1 teaspoon Italian seasoning
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 (28 ounce) can crushed tomatoes
3/4 pound spaghetti

In a large bowl, whisk together egg, 1/4 cup water, 1 teaspoon salt, and 1/4 teaspoon pepper. Stir in half the onion and half the garlic. Add breadcrumbs, cheese, pork, turkey, and 1/2 teaspoon Italian seasoning. Mix gently. Form into 16 balls.
Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a large non-stick skillet over medium-high heat. Add half the meatballs; brown on all sides, 4 to 6 minutes. Transfer to a plate with a slotted spoon. Cook remaining meatballs in remaining tablespoon oil; remove meatballs.
Add remaining onion; cook over medium-low until soft, about 5 minutes. Add remaining garlic and 1/2 teaspoon Italian seasoning; cook 30 seconds. Season with salt and pepper. Stir in tomatoes and 3/4 cup water. Return meatballs; cover, and simmer until cooked through, about 20 minutes. Remove meatballs.
Meanwhile, in a large pot of boiling salted water, cook spaghetti according to package direction until al dente. Drain; return to pot. Toss with sauce; serve meatballs on top, sprinkled with more cheese.

Yield: 4 servings
friends, try this one out..maybe for dinner?

Celine Dion

When I first heard from Lite FM that she's coming to Malaysia for her Taking Chances World Tour 2008/2009... Where Does My Heart Beat Now... my first thought is the air tickets..hmm maybe I go for AirAsia, then second thought who will accompany me to the concerts. Then the next thing in my mind who will look after my kids when I'm away.. You know all sorts of questions who and who kept bugging me until If You Asked Me Now and the answer, " I couldn't made up my mind whether going or not". Yeah too bad..it was all over on the 13th April, 8.00pm at Stadium Merdeka huhuhu..
Don't know when is her next trip or concert here in Malaysia, I guess there will never be another :-(
So if you are one of Celine's fan, here are some pix which I took from the web.. www.celinedion.com
My friends told me, 'If you really wanna go, don't Think Twice just Tell Him (hubby), "Dear can you look after the kids when I'm away a day or two"? Darn..

16 April, 2008

Are you raising 'Rude Eaters?'

As usual getting my breakfast with my morning paper at the canteen and this title (the above) caught my attention together with my friend Shirley. Both of us having toddlers and pre-schools find it intresting to talk and share about. It says, ' If you want your child to behave properly in restaurants, have her practice at dinner at home. Even young kids are capable of sitting patiently and politely for at least 15 minutes during the meal.'

The article made few lineup methods for better table manners lah..i.e: slurping soup from a bowl, playing with food, burping, eating with fingers etc..

Sometimes kids sip their soup straight from the bowl. So the method given here(paper)..tell your child of course it's a faster way to eat, but slurping is also noisy and yucky to watch. Demonstrate how to dip the spoon into the bowl and hold in a horizontal position and bring to the mouth, so soup doesn't dribble onto the table.

ah..burping..I ever caught my daughter doing this and I told them it's not appropriate especially infront of others. So the manners makeover here, tell your child to close their mouth when they feel one coming on and say "excuse me" afterward. Reduce their gassiness by avoiding carbonated beverages before and during meal.

I know its such a tedious task to make them behave when eating out. Sometimes you can feel all eyes watching when your toddler starting to throw things on the table..u know that feeling right? It happened last sunday when the family decided to have lunch at PizzaHut, there goes Isaac sat on a baby chair with fork and spoon drumming like the little drummer boy (maybe trying to get attention) napkins all under the table..ayaiyaii..well, that's my lil Isaac. I still prefer take-away/tapau ;-)

15 April, 2008


My lil' Isaac is about 1 year 7 months old now. But I'm a little worried cause he isn't talking as much as I want him to. Ruth and Cynthia developed their talking skills much earlier even before they reached a year old. Sometimes it makes me wonder if girls develop their talking skills earlier than the boys..are they?

At home we communicate with him in english or malay and abit of kadazan(as mine also tunggang tebalik) and mandarin at his nannys. Maybe he's confuse with so many languages..
Mum's out there, wanna share your thoughts about this..

14 April, 2008


Go placidly amid the noise and the haste,and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons.Speak your truth quietly and clearly, and listen to others,even to the dull and ignorant;they too have their story.
Avoid loud and aggressive persons;they are vexatious to the spirit.If you compare yourself with others,you may become vain or bitter,for always there will begreater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.Keep interested in your own careerhowever humble;it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.
Exercise caution in your business affairs,for the world is full of trickery.But let this not blind youto what virtue there is;many persons strive for high ideals,and everywhere life is full of heroism.
Be yourself.Especially do not feign affection.Neither be cynical about love,for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment,it is as perennial as the grass.
Take kindly the counsel of the years,gracefully surrendering the things of youth.Nurture strength of spiritto shield you in sudden misfortune.But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.
Beyond a wholesome discipline,be gentle with yourself.You are a child of the universeno less than the trees and the stars;you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.Therefore, be at peace with God,whatever you conceive Him to be.And whatever your labors and aspirations,in the noisy confusion of life,keep peace in your soul.With all its sham,drudgery, and broken dreams,it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful.Strive to be happy.
by Max Ehrmann©1927 by Max Ehrmann, all rights reserved. © renewed 1954 by Bertha Ehrmann.

09 April, 2008


Here I am in the office posting my blog about conjunctivitis (is it the right spelling?) both eyes red now. It started with Isaac but he's much better now, I went to a clinic and doctor gave me this NeoDeca eye/ear Drops but it seems it didn't help much with my eyes. I need to get a stronger eye drop, now hubby is the latest victim. I'm worried about my two gals, especially Cynthia so 'phobia' on medication especially something to do with ears or eyes. Does anyone out there have a different solution besides eye drops? help..isk..isk..

07 April, 2008

Hip..hop..sunday outing...

I had these with hubby too ok ;-)

Daddy handling a bottle of water for lil' Isaac

'Here mummy take my pix with this blue car'

Yesterday morning, the family went out early about 9am. It was such a lovely sunday morning so we thought its best to bring the family out and have some breakfast and go to Church in the evening. So, everybody hop into the car..vroomm..to City Mall (some might say, City Mall again? haha...) Done with the groceries at Giant Supermarket, then to the food court. As you can see here, my kids and daddy having their meals together-gether..
I had my lunch too, yeah...donuts!

The wedding

My in-laws with the bride, Ruth (in pink) and her daddy partly hidden at the back hehe..
Senior gong beaters..don't play-play..expert ni..

The couple being entertained by the 'sumayau'

Boys and girls age 10-12 years performing the 'sumayau' in front of everybody

Last saturday we attended a wedding in Tuaran, hubby's close relative(the bride) got married that saturday morning. The Holy Matrimony took place in St. John Catholic Church. Here are some pix which I took from the bride's reception in Kg. Roun, Tuaran. Congrats to Winnie and Francis ;-)

04 April, 2008


See this lil fish? Is it familiar to you? This is 'Nemo' hehe..don't know the scientific name for this fish. My daughter Ruth took this pix while passing through Warisan Square shopping area. The movie, 'Finding Nemo' won an award for Best Animation Film' hmm..dunno what year la, can't remember..
My kids love that movie, I think mummy too haha..The latest CD's I bought for my girls is Barbie the 'Swan Lake'..all you mummies out there, this is worth buying for your lil girl.
As for 'Nemo' here, yeah...you are in my blog lil fish! hehehe...

Local cakes so delicious

A tray of mouth watering local cakes. Can you see kuih bingka ubi, kuih lapis, wajit and seri muka..looks really yummy ya! These local cakes are best serve with a cup of hot coffee or tea for breakfast and late afternoon break.
I took this yummy cakes pix during a birthday luncheon at the Chief Minister's office. There were others but this one attracts me. Very colourful isn't it
I'm not good in doing cakes, yeah I failed my Sains Rumahtangga hehe...so if I wanna have some I just go to any shops selling these 'kuih'.

Piece of cake?

Hi there, TGIF yup..any plans for the weekend? ;-)
Those of you celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or wedding this month of April, my congratulations ya! So what do we have here friends...
Yes, these are all cakes given by Hoteliers around Kota Kinabalu for our Chief Minister's Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Haji Aman 57th Birthday which was celebrated on the 31st March 2008.

02 April, 2008

Toys..more toys

The time I took this pix, Cynthia was saying to me. 'Mummy, can you please buy me some toys here?' she said with a big grin on her face. And I was thinking, oh my...there so much toys already at home to be exact, 4 big basket and hubby has already put a BIG NO..NO..to toys. This toy shop is in CIty Mall, 3rd floor.
I remember when I was at her age, my parents hardly bought us any toys...so kesian one. We made our own toys using discarded things. Kids our time considered very creative la..haha
Mothers out there, share me some comments about kids and toys relation ya...
Oh ya, I didn't buy any toys for my Cynthia instead i treat her some ice-cream and pizza..she loves it ;-) I intend to donate the toys to orphanage home, wait till hubby comes back from KL lah