23 March, 2009

Saying our goodbyes..

Grandma was getting tired
It has been almost a month and it seemed a cure was not meant to be.

Grandma was a strong and courageous lady
But day by day her sickness taking a huge toll of her life.

With heartaches and tears
We watched and waited for her last breath..
But I could not stay long at her bedside
for it breaks my heart to see her fading away..

Once the heart belongs to a warm, cheerful caring lady

slowly diminishing and stopped beating
on the 16th March 2009, at 9.25pm.

God took her back
He knows what is the best for Grandma
Is to come home and rest..

How much we've wanted her around us
How much we've wanted to celebrate special occasions with her
especially her birthdays.
To see her smile again and to hear her voice.
We love her dearly but
We know we can't keep her anylonger
For God loves her more and He knows what is the best for her.

(To all friends and relatives, thank you for your kind words, prayers and support during our recent bereavement.)