14 April, 2009


I've always wanted to learn how to bake cakes...or perhaps cupcakes which I think much more easier? I have an oven at home but its barely used since we bought it (5 years ago)..I could recall, I had roasted chicken twice I guess...vanilla, chocolate, orange cakes which did not turn out right...most ended up in the bin.. Will try to make an effort lah this year...look see, look see in the newspaper for Baking classes..at least we can have our cupcakes at anytime at home just like these;

I love the taste and colours..we had these more than a week ago and at least each person had like 4 cupcakes and a cup of coffee to go with it..I ordered 50 so enough for everyone..Thanks so much Aines..I will definetly order from you again till I know how to make them..(which I'm also not sure bila lah tu.. :-) )

09 April, 2009

8 hours daily (monday to friday)..where else..office :-)

I like this arrangement...(for corner)

We 'lepak' in this area..for breakfast :-)

Combination of soft pink & purple..

Another pink flower arrangement..

Our small pond..we have about 15 tiny Koi Fish in here..the ducks..uhmm glad it's not
real ducks otherwise...

Yup..that's our pond hehe...

What do you think of our office? :-P ...I guess not too much of decorations around but we (staffs & officers) believe a clean, calm ambience and fresh colours around helps abit in doing our daily work...All capable to be Interior Designers too :-P
Have a long weekend dear friends...and Blessed Easter to all my Christians friends and relatives.

03 April, 2009

Happy Birthday Sir

Recently and to be exact on the 30th March 09' (Monday) the CEO of the State Government celebrated his 58th birthday. We were invited (the whole staff) for the birthday luncheon and like usual, every year I will snap few pictures of cakes given to him from hoteliers around Kota Kinabalu. Some quite unique but unlikely you will see the uniqueness of it with only a 2.0 megapixel handphone camera pix. But not to dissapoint myself of not showing you these, mesti mau kasih tingu juga birthday cakes CEO kita ;-)
Some might look like rolls royce toy cars..they are real..real cakes and choclates...

02 April, 2009

Hair cut?

Back view...oops mummy's at the back taking pix pulak

My son had a hair cut about 2 weeks ago...having curly and fine hair makes it easier to snip snip those soft dark brown hair...Hubby and I took him to the nearest salon that morning but having a mixed feeling whether my little boy would sit still or perhaps I'll have to have him sit on my lap again with hairs all over my body and neck.. just like the previous visits for hair cuts.. :-(
But instead he gave us a nice surprised that day, look at these pix, a two years 6 months old boy enjoying his hair cut..aahhh...feels happy and relieved...

At first, Isaac looks a little nervous..ehhm.. careful with that scissors k..

Now I could bring him anytime for a hair cut..just you and me little darling :-)