03 December, 2009

Killer Croc..

About a week ago, hubby and I brought the kids to Tuaran Crocodile Farm. It was opened few years back but it never come across our mind to visit the place till only last week. Having a long weekend as it was a public holiday(Awal Muharam) that Friday, we decided to make the long weekend an intresting break with the children ;-) somemore daddy a.k.a. hubby will soon be away for two weeks working and kids need to spend more time with him lah..
We reached the place before 11 am just not to miss the 'Crocodile Show Time'. Some visitors already lining up to purchase the entry tickets which cost for an adult RM10 , kids RM5 (for Malaysian)..I wonder how much it cost for non-Malaysian.

bathing the croc by the expert..I think I can do this :-P

Care to dance with me Croc? uhhm.. I tried not to giggle watching this part of the show
(takut sumpahan orang dulu-dulu..mana tau hujan lebat ka kunun :-P )
they were actually performing the sumazau dance with the Croc on his head..

This is the scary part..the guy(left) trying to provoke the Buaya Tembaga (Crocodylus Porosus) weighing more than 1000 pounds

whoa..look at the size..

if you're not the expert...stone reflexology at Taman Ujana, Luyang sounds much
better than this..so just let the Croc bask peacefully lah

or this...huhuhu

and this...of course all stunt actions made very careful by the experts
don't ever try this even if you have one at home as a pet :-] hehe..

We really had fun with the kids.. :-))

17 November, 2009

Cynthia's colouring contest

Colouring contest was part of the 'Minggu Jantung Kota Kinabalu 2009' event organised by the Yayasan Jantung Malaysia, Persatuan Tabung Pesakit Jantung Sabah and QEH, DBKK as the co-organiser

Getting ready...I didn't get her a small table like the others,
probably next time lah kan sayang..

'Mummy...wake up otherwise we'll be late for the competition', Cynthia wispered to my ear early Saturday morning. I forced my eyes open and grab my handphone just next to the table lamp, the time shows 6.30am..still too early and it's weekend :-p
I looked at her, standing and waiting for me to get out from the bed..uhhmm and I thought, maybe I could boil some water and make a cup of coffee to 'wake' myself up.
Cynthia was pretty excited that day, she kept asking for the time..she knows what time we should be at the Karamunsing Complex and by 10.30am we left the house but pretty sad, little Isaac couldn't join us. I can't afford to take care all three of them at a shopping mall...alone! :-D
Here are some pix taken that day (14 November 2009). There were six of them from Kiddie Montessori School and teacher Bella and Jennifer came along to ensure their students name were listed in the competition. For the final result...well she didn't get any placing but at least she enjoyed it and received a large box of Kelloggs Coco Crunch :-)) errmm...any more competition? will see (wink) ;-)

some on stage...

some sitting on the floor..enjoy what..

busy colouring the piece of paper given to each participant

she decided to colour the birds or perhaps its a duck/swan in yellow..ok not bad at all

children busy with the colouring contest but looks like the nurses counter also busy
checking blood samples from the public

after an hour...tadaa... :-))

enjoying Coco crunch with friends on stage while waiting
judges to announce the result

And the winners..congrats to them!

09 November, 2009


The grand parade waving their hands welcoming the parents and guests with
'Heal the World' song

Getting ready for the ceremony..look at her hands, I just noticed when uploading this pix. Actually she was wearing Indian costume with all the accessories during the opening parade. The teachers must have forgotten to remove it.

Sorry for the blurry pix..I must have been nervous and excited to take the best angle
for this moment tapi blur pulak

Together with her classmates..CONGRATULATIONS!

Did I said she was one of the fashion show models? ;-)

I wasn't going to abandoned my blog but the lazy 'bug' still sticking on me. How do I get it off? I'm not sure how but I guess it needs a little time to adjust myself and kick off those lazy 'bugs' out of me. :-p
I have few overdue stories to tell and pictures to share with but I'm just going to share that is worth to put up. To start at with was my second daughter graduation and mini concert ceremony. It was held on the 25th October 2009 at Putera Ballroom, Luyang. We were among many parents who came to witnessed the graduation ceremony and feeling so proud of our children receiving their certificates from the Kiddie World Montessori School Headmistress, Ms. Dora Duising. Apart from the graduation ceremony it was also the schools annual mini concert and this year the theme was 'Neverland'. Does that sound familiar to you? Yeah you're right...they danced and put up a short drama with most of my favourite songs by the late MJ's..an extra bonus for mummy :-p
We had a seven course round table lunch..well worth it as we paid RM35 per head. The children received balloons, goodies filled with sweets, chocolates and soft drinks. My little Isaac also received some goodies and that made his day lah...I should have taken his pix the moment he received the party pack he was laughing and jumping joyfully (macam budak tidak pernah receive party pack or something bah) hahaha..
There shall be another 'nervous' feeling by next year for me as Cynthia step into primary one. The same school as her sister is now. I was feeling pretty nervous when we sent Ruth to primary one earlier this year..I was scared of what if she's being bullied by the older children, what if she cries if she's in pain and the list goes on and on.
I'm sure my girls are far more better than their mum when I was at their age haha..Yeah poor dad, had to dragged his little girl to school :-p
Cynthia made us both so proud and happy, not too long ago...she was just a baby and with a blink of an eye, my baby has turn six and graduated from the kindergarten. Always remember how much you are loved Cynthia XOXO!

Dancing and stage performances on that day.. I like their costumes, it's so colourful :-)

Older children dancing on 'Black or White' song

23 October, 2009

Here and there..

Finally after almost a month without any updates, no excuses but just a simple reason..'malas' (being lazy). Oh well.. :-) I should start of with some pix taken recently and also a pix while on a working trip to Sandakan together with some of our colleagues. It was worthwhile trip even though my back and tummy pain made me so uncomfortable through out the two nights and three days over there.

At the 'Spirit of Borneo' book launching ceremony Sabah Hotel, Sandakan
together with Ms. Jacquelyn Borgeson(2nd right),

Curator of Martin and Osa Johnson Museum, USA

We managed to organised Raya lunch with the media electronic on the 12th October for the first time in our office. Normally we will do a bigger scale together with the State CEO. Good responds, good food what else can I say ;-)

sempat bergambar sebelum open house bermula
En. Muhammad (middle - Deputy Press Secretary to the Chief Minister)
and colleague Nazri

Some cookies and Sarawak layered cakes served
I kind of miss them now :-p
ketara kuat makan huhuhu..

28 September, 2009

Happy Anniversary my Love!


Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary my dear
Life's never complete without you in my life.
I love thee everyday, and to be a part of your life
has been the precious gift ever God gave me.
I thanked God for giving us beautiful children,
as we raised them together lovingly.
Be my Love forever and I shall be yours till
the last breath, smiles and laughters..
Happy Anniversary to my lover-friend..

25 September, 2009

I am 6 now...

Peminat Ben 10 :-D...sempat lagi my hand kena snap by hubby

Singing the birthday song

Let's cut the cake together ;-)

Celebration is not over yet ..another one to go for this month..a celebration meant for daddy and mummy only lah.. ;-) But yesterday 24th September, my second daughter Cynthia celebrated her 6th birthday with a Ben 10 (Fire) Macadamia vanilla cake. She's been asking for the cake since early this year and yesterday her wish was fulfilled and the birthday girl was overexcited. Barely eat her lunch and dinner..a familiar sign if she is too excited.. Here are some pix taken last night, her grands, uncles and cousin Max came over for a simple dinner at home.

rendang ayam, pakis goreng belacan, baby kai lan with salted fish, sweet sour fish, lamb stew,
crispy sotong, japanese tauhu with seafood

'Tapau from Baba and Nyonya Restaurant only' ;-P

Happy 6th Birthday dearie Cynthia...
We love you soooooo much!!

15 September, 2009

Happy Birthday son!

One month old Isaac
Born on the 16th September 2006

He was about 5 months old here...

Recent pictures of him..

playing at the beach

trying his hands on kitchen utensils...

Another bowler in the family? :-)

Happy Birthday little darling!!

with lots of love, hugs and kisses from
Daddy, mummy, kakak Ruth and Cynthia