22 September, 2008

How can I cope this...

Mama, tears flow profusely...
Why God? Am I wrong to ask You why?
Our minds confuse, our hearts broken to pieces
Our grief for granpa still strong in our hearts...
For just 24 days he left us...
Here we are again, mama...we mourned for you
Grandpa must have loved you so dearly, maybe that was the real reason
God took you to be with grandpa..
But it's too soon mama, we still need you here to mend our broken hearts..
I have nobody to call grandpa and mama anymore..
I am just too sad thinking of you both..just too sad
We are not able to cope for now, am sure only time will know when...
For whatever God's reason, we will leave it to Him..
The only thing I know now...I really miss you so much
May You Rest In Peace Dear Mama

My Grandma passed away suddenly on the 20th September 2008 at 4.20am,
Keningau District Hospital
She was laid to rest on the 21st Sept 08' at our family burial ground in Keningau.
Am not posting/updating in here for sometimes but thanks for dropping by

17 September, 2008

Our little Prince turned 2

Dear Isaac,
mummy, daddy and sister Ruth & Cynthia love you so much
more than words can express.
Happy Birthday and May God Bless Always darling!
Yesterday 16th September 2008, Isaac turned 2 years old. How time flies. Years passed, watching him grow, without realising he is a big boy now. We made a simple celebration at home to mark another important date in our family. Thanks so much Deana for making a beautiful cake for Isaac...look at the fishes, aren't they beautiful but...as what Deana texted me, 'jangan makan sudah' (as long as they don't eat it).

12 September, 2008

Something is missing

I've changed my blogspot to .com about a week ago, but I just can't figure it out why..am still in blogspot? Can someone out there help me sort this out..please....


Blogging Friends Forever Award

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04 September, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today 4th September marked a special event in our family.
Happy Birthday Dear!

There are few important events happening for the month of September starting with hubby's birthday, next Isaac then Cynthia and lastly our wedding anniversary. So today I brought him out for lunch at Usagi Japanese Restaurant in Karamunsing Complex to celebrate the special occasion. He had Bento and I ordered Butter Grill Salmon and some Sushi. Yeah, the missing part is the birthday cake. We will have to reserve the cake cutting with our kids, once again Happy Birthday Dear, We love you verrryyyy MUCH and May God Bless you Abundantly!

His lunch "Bento" hmm..there some tempura prawns, salmon and chicken in it

Dear must be so hungry, didn't have breakfast this morning ya..

My lunch, Buttered Salmon and veg tempura

02 September, 2008


Wednesday last week, 27th August 2008, while having my breakfast with other colleagues, mum called up around 9.20am. I sensed distress in her voice tone, I knew she brought bad news that morning. My grandfather was rushed early morning to Keningau District Hospital and in critical condition. Anxiously waiting for the next news about his condition, mum called me up the 2nd time, asking me to send her to the bus station to catch the next coach to Keningau. We managed to get her the 1pm coach and as I was about to leave the bus station, I could only say some prayers hoping my mum could still see her dad..mum's face was really sad for she knows what it means when the doctor asked her brothers to sign a letter before proceeding the next step to save grandpa.
I called up hubby and we had lunch together that afternoon and at 1.47pm mum texted me, 'Aunty Dorothy call tadi, bapa sudah passed away, sya baru d Kimanis. Pray 4 his soul I will call when I arrive there'.
I was chock to tears. We took the 10am coach the next day and arrived in Keningau about 2 hours later. Grandpa was finally laid to rest on Friday 29th August, he was 84. May His Soul Rest in Peace...
I went numb when I heard the news
I can't believe that now you are gone
I'll always remember everytime you make us laugh
when Christmas time and you our Santa.
My Dear Grandpa..
You are loved so dearly by everyone in the family
You taught us all to grow wise, be gentle and kind to everyone
We try not to shed tears anymore for we know you wouldn't want us to..
Your memories will always remain in our hearts
Sleep gently dear grandpa, we will miss you forever..
You grandaughter, Lyn