28 September, 2009

Happy Anniversary my Love!


Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary my dear
Life's never complete without you in my life.
I love thee everyday, and to be a part of your life
has been the precious gift ever God gave me.
I thanked God for giving us beautiful children,
as we raised them together lovingly.
Be my Love forever and I shall be yours till
the last breath, smiles and laughters..
Happy Anniversary to my lover-friend..

25 September, 2009

I am 6 now...

Peminat Ben 10 :-D...sempat lagi my hand kena snap by hubby

Singing the birthday song

Let's cut the cake together ;-)

Celebration is not over yet ..another one to go for this month..a celebration meant for daddy and mummy only lah.. ;-) But yesterday 24th September, my second daughter Cynthia celebrated her 6th birthday with a Ben 10 (Fire) Macadamia vanilla cake. She's been asking for the cake since early this year and yesterday her wish was fulfilled and the birthday girl was overexcited. Barely eat her lunch and dinner..a familiar sign if she is too excited.. Here are some pix taken last night, her grands, uncles and cousin Max came over for a simple dinner at home.

rendang ayam, pakis goreng belacan, baby kai lan with salted fish, sweet sour fish, lamb stew,
crispy sotong, japanese tauhu with seafood

'Tapau from Baba and Nyonya Restaurant only' ;-P

Happy 6th Birthday dearie Cynthia...
We love you soooooo much!!

15 September, 2009

Happy Birthday son!

One month old Isaac
Born on the 16th September 2006

He was about 5 months old here...

Recent pictures of him..

playing at the beach

trying his hands on kitchen utensils...

Another bowler in the family? :-)

Happy Birthday little darling!!

with lots of love, hugs and kisses from
Daddy, mummy, kakak Ruth and Cynthia

01 September, 2009

Month of celebrations..

How happy I am to have you in my life,
My best friend in good times and my rock in times of sorrow,
We both know our love grows every day and every year..and
You will forever be my Love..
Happy Birthday Dear..

Hubby's birthday falls on the 4th September (Friday). We have lots of reasons to celebrate this month of September. Starting with hubby's birthday on the 4th, Isaac's birthday on the 16th followed by Cynthia's on the 24th and to close the month of celebration is our wedding anniversary on th 28th (8th Years Anniversary)..there will be cakes, presents and lots of kisses for everyone in the family :-)