27 November, 2008

Taken from the book 'The Light'

Real Joy

True peace of mind we cannot buy
Although we pile our money high
Because it's only found within
A heart that's free of guilt and sin

True happiness can still be found
But it is not in things around
For it is there, within the heart
That has been taught the loving art

The key to real joy and happiness
Is found in blessed thankfulness
Although we think that we are poor
A heart of gold is riches pure

24 November, 2008

Our 'Kura-Kura' (Tortoise)


Meet Ruth and Cynthia's pet, Harry and Minnie (please don't ask me why Minnie, sounds like a mouse right haha...) Yup, Ruth named it Minnie for the female tortoise. Can you differentiate which one is male and female? I'll tell you later.

The happy couple ;-)

So these two tortoise has been with us for almost a year. We first had them like in 50 cents in size, it was so small and I even thought it might not survive. We have their aquarium changed twice this year and it seems they need another, a much bigger 'house' for this Christmas hehe..They have grown so BIG (now the size of a 5R pix) and they are still growing fast, could be their food (wheat & oats pellets) giving them the boost.

Oh please excuse my back..

Are you done with my back yet?

Ok, to know which one Harry is, yes look at the lower part of their shell. Harry's pattern looks a little blurry spots and not so 'organized' I should say (talking about male huh). Minnies spots looks more prominent, notice the difference?

And this one is as cold as stone and it doesn't grow big. This is mine..'no name' yet haha... and I bought this miniature tortoise, actually there are 2 of them for my shelves. Hopefully there'll be lil Harry and Minnie someday, and that will be another story about our 'Kura-Kura' ;-)

21 November, 2008

I'm dreaming of a 'warmth' Christmas

Christmas mood is in town now..look at those beautiful ornaments, some still in the boxes waiting to be display for shoppers in Wisma Merdeka. I had my friday lunch with husband and our two girls today, we passed by few shops selling Christmas decos, and here is Ruth and Cynthia can' t get over these santa's hat from Watson. We didn't get any of those for them, as I told them we could still use the hats I bought last year. I'm still thinking of a theme and colours for this year Christmas home deco. Do you have any brilliant ideas? ;-) Can you help me with this? Last year was Blue and white theme. For my kids, Christmas time means fun, beautiful colours and baby Jesus was born, so every year I'll have to put extra effort to decorate the house, colour lights and most of all they really enjoy helping me decorate our 6 ft tall Christmas tree haha..yeah this year lil' Isaac will have his turn to put the top (star).

11 November, 2008

Massage parlour

eehh.. Cynthia don't go to sleep..alamak look at your toes, where's your shoe?

having a nice massage is better than any other things mum
Cynthia and Ruth had the opportunity to try one of this Ogawa massage chair at their dad's office. Wah..enjoyla diorang being massage for 15 mins (set up time). I thought only elderly people (orang tua) needs massage, budak pun tidak mau ketinggalan hehe..

03 November, 2008

Suria FM 'Hidup Pasti Rancak'

Have you tuned to 105.90 from 6am till 10am lately? Yup, Suria FM with our local DJ originally from Sabah 'Othoe' has made a debut all the way from his radio con-ti in Kuala Lumpur to Sabah radio listeners. The Suria FM from 6am-10am is now becoming a hit to most radio listeners in Sabah and of course we are proud of him for promoting our local Kadazan/Dusun, Murut, Bajau songs. Some more, he made a surprise visit to our office today, oh wow..can't resist taking his pix :-P hey...what an opportunity!

signing business cards for PADP fan ;-)

So folks, don't forget tune to 105.90 FM from 6am-10am Monday to Friday, and to register type KLIK your name and send to 33511 and then type suria-kk-(your sms) and send to 33511 ( sempat promosi lagi hehe..)

Let's read some books

Weekends or public holidays means a lot to my 3 children, yes they will have the opportunity to play and read some books together. The living room will be fully occupied by them, of course toys from big to the smallest scattered all over. We just let them play until they are done for the day and have them keep it after playing. We lived in a 1000 sqft apartment, so my kids doesnt have any choice but indoor games/activities only, so we hope oneday we will be able to purchase our dream house (we've been thinking about it lately ;-) ) somemore with spacious backyard for them to play together.
I took this pix one of those saturdays instead of playing with their toys, they were busy looking/reading Barney's books. And lately Isaac has shown great intrest in books. He will either 'pinjam' (borrow) the sisters pre-school books or any of my 'Impiana' magazines...uhmm

There are times, 2 years 1 month old Isaac busy looking at those pages upside-down :-D . I think he is soon ready to attend nursery schools which we have already plan when he reach the age of 3.