29 February, 2008

Growing daughter...

This year my eldest daughter Ruth is in kindergarten year 2. I didn't realised she's going to primary one by next year. How time flies, people normally says. I still remember when she was born, weigh only 2.3kg despite me having balloning tummy at that time. Now she's nearly 4 feet tall, I'm sure she will be taller than me when she grew up...having said this, I realise my two daughters(Ruth and Cynthia) are growing fast. Ruth always try to imitate whatever I do, for instance, putting on nail polish...she would do the same...putting on make-up, she would try to get her hands to my make-up pallete too. The latest, facial mask! Sorry to dissapoint her, I didn't allow this... poor darling..her time will come
Any of you out there wanna share 'moments mother and daughter' experience? post me your message ok :-)

Love thy neighbour? ;-)

Hi, been away for few days, my son got sick with high fever. He's much better now, I really hope so coz we're planning to bring him out for fresh air this weekend. But I'm not going to talk about my son Isaac. It's about my neighbour living upstairs who's been giving us alot of trouble especially at night time. Banging doors, pulling chairs, kids running around even up to 11.30pm ( kids way their bedtime sleep) and to add our nuisance, 2 days ago, one of the kid was running around with a 'flip-flop' shoe.. :- [ My children especially Isaac sometimes would cry in his sleep with all that noises around. I'm sure anyone living in an apartment might experience these problems.

25 February, 2008

Here are some pixs of Isaac before reaching 1 year old..randomly selected.

Maid or nursery?

Do you have any idea that this question sometimes can be very hard to decide? Yezz, well I tell you even though Isaac is more than a year with our next block nanny but I admit, sometimes I still think whether to get ourself a maid. Maid can be very helpful at times you are busy with work, cooking and attending the kids but mind you there are some maids, yang banyak alasan mau cuti adding extra works and headaches to you. I wouldn't mind payingRM400 a month for a good maid. How would you define a 'good maid'? I would take if they are honest, knows how to clean the house and do the washing. And of course a basic knowledge taking care kids. I still prefer doing the cooking hahaha...hubby loves my cooking ceh... I've been 2 times unlucky with maids.

So, what about nursery/nanny? Isaac seems ease enough with his Mrs. Wong for almost 1 year 4 months to be exact. Mrs. Wong has been taking care of children age range from newborn to about 5 years. She has about 5 toddlers and a new born baby at home. I guess she must have been doing this bizness for a long time looking on how well she cope with them. Of course with a maid to help her with the chores. I'm paying quite a sum considering sending Isaac only for 5 days a week. An extra charge if you decide to send on saturday...it means you will have to spend more $$. I appreciate if you can share your experience or advice on this.