23 October, 2009

Here and there..

Finally after almost a month without any updates, no excuses but just a simple reason..'malas' (being lazy). Oh well.. :-) I should start of with some pix taken recently and also a pix while on a working trip to Sandakan together with some of our colleagues. It was worthwhile trip even though my back and tummy pain made me so uncomfortable through out the two nights and three days over there.

At the 'Spirit of Borneo' book launching ceremony Sabah Hotel, Sandakan
together with Ms. Jacquelyn Borgeson(2nd right),

Curator of Martin and Osa Johnson Museum, USA

We managed to organised Raya lunch with the media electronic on the 12th October for the first time in our office. Normally we will do a bigger scale together with the State CEO. Good responds, good food what else can I say ;-)

sempat bergambar sebelum open house bermula
En. Muhammad (middle - Deputy Press Secretary to the Chief Minister)
and colleague Nazri

Some cookies and Sarawak layered cakes served
I kind of miss them now :-p
ketara kuat makan huhuhu..