27 July, 2009

Revenge of the...

Who says I don't have super power kids?! :-))
Here they are, making their special appearance in one of the shopping mall including their father who was basically.. hmm.. not so super power daddy :-P .. you can tell where the mask is.

Power Ranger and Bumblebee Transformer

yuhuu...I'm here

Can I take your orders please?

I decided to post these pictures purely no purpose or promoting their menus :-p but at this very moment, I'm craving for a bowl on any of these ;-) ...hungry..hungry...
My friends and I had all these last week.

Tom Yam Meehoon - I had this, delicious

Can't really remember this one but if I'm not mistaken
Har Meehoon? Taste, not bad at all..

Curry Meehoon

A glass of ice-cold lemonade

Hubby, if you can see this little note here..you will know where to bring me as soon as you touch down KK, alright?! ;-)

20 July, 2009

Paint me a lion, paint me an elephant


Painting her elephant, have u seen pink elephant before? neither do I :-)

(After) It turned out cutey Ellie..just like in Pocoyo cartoon

Before it's just an albino Lion

With steady hand carefully painting her Lion

Cynthia named her Lion Aslan as in Narnia

13 July, 2009

Beautiful moments

Father and son having lots of fun, I really adore this two boys of mine. They are my love and inspirations. I can't get enough watching them playing and running around chasing small crabs and birds around. Isaac was excited, he made few friends around saying 'Hi' to people..making us(daddy and mummy) proud of him.

going somewhere Miss Lizzie?...
One of my favourite picture of my daughter Miss Lizzie (Ruth Elizabeth). The picture reminds me when I was at her age..walking bare footed holding my slipper or sandals whenever my parents brought us to the seaside. I looked at her once and I can find myself again in her..

..and there were tiny sea shells on her palm..lots of them brought back home and these are some of her favourite colors, if you can see them clearly here. I kept them on our shelf near the dining room, so every now and then I can look at it and reminds me back of our trip to the seaside...

And I was like busy looking for something..perhaps digging some gold ingots? :-P ...when Cynthia spotted something moving on the sands and quickly called me to get it for her..and it was this tiny crab..so small I almost can't spot it.

Admiring the beautiful view and the sunsets..I stood for awhile and took this pix..cool evening breeze as water rush to the shore brushing my legs..a sense of tranquility rush through my mind. I long to feel such calmness and peace..

I looked up the sky and said, Thank you Lord for giving me a chance to be at peace with your wonderful creations and I thank you most for the wonderful families and friends surrounded in me..

Before heading back to our 'nest' for the night..we took another pix of the sunset before it disappears for the day... 'see you again soon sun' Ruth and Cynthia exclaimed

06 July, 2009

Close encounter with 'Varanus Salvator'

They eat anything from insects, crabs, birds, mouse deer and even their own species...eeww..
Meet the Malayan Water Monitor Lizard or locally known as 'Biawak'. I knew some people took their(monitor) meat believing the meat can cure certain ailments or perhaps as aphrodisiac (Not sure if this is proven..)For whatever the reasons but it certainly a hit especially during 'aramaitii' as 'pusas' ;-) I've tasted the meat when I was like 6 or 7 years old.. and I was too young to find out what kind of meat they served until after you had your burpp. ..(Kenyang lah) then someone said, 'How's the biawak meat my dear?' Nope, no thanks..first and the last... So last saturday our children had their first encounter with this monitor lizard, from head to tail is like 1.5 meter long and probably weighing around 7 to 10kgs..it's really huge, I've never seen a huge biawak as this one..

They have never seen anything like this before...it's a good experience to let them
see some wildlife animals

Some people can't resist touching its tail..but I'm not sure if its a good idea though coz they bite right!? just like their BIG cousins the 'crocs'

Pix taken from afar