26 January, 2010

Sugar Baby

My daughter Cynthia is really fond of sweet things. If I'm around, I will make sure she doesn't eat too much sweets, ice-cream or junk food. I told her many times that sweet things can give tooth ache if it's not clean properly by brushing. But yesterday, my MIL complained to us that our 2nd daughter was caught eating sugar in the kitchen..yes sugar which you mix with coffee, Milo or your cup of tea! I was quite upset by her act and I have to find solution fast to make her NOT eating sweet things too much. So far, she has no problem with her teeth except her sister Ruth who will turn eight this year. She is beginning to 'depart' with her most front baby tooth and dislike sweet things compared to Cynthia.

Back to Cynthia, I asked her why she ate the sugar..she slowly open her mouth and said..because I could not find any sweets inside the fridge!
(slap my forehead) I further explained that she could not eat the sugar as it's only use to mix with hot drinks and it's not suitable to eat just like that! (sigh) I really hope my girl won't be scooping sugar from container again..what a sight ya! My girls spend their afternoon after school at my PIL, perhaps I should ask MIL to keep the sugar container on top shelves.. (sigh again)

20 January, 2010

I need a short break

Hi all... :-) Yes..no post, no updates.. :-(
I've been very busy since early month with children going back to school, work, sending them to school and picking them up in the evening from parents in-law, managing house chores...alone! Now I could call myself 'Superwoman' :-p Like some of my friends said..do not complain, just keep on going..but it's hard huh?!
I really need some extra hands now to help me sort out things at home especially. If you are reading this post my dear hubby..it shows that your wife is like holding a big SOS banner now... I just hope he will be back home soonest possible. Hurry up with the project dear..(selfish lah pulak) :-p
Here's a pix showing my 3 little ones playing at the seaside taken last December 09':-

First day schooling, this year Ruth is in Primary Two and sister Cynthia- Primary One.
Little Isaac will start his playschool in early February..my babies are growing fast and I'm getting old :-p hahaha...

04 January, 2010

Thank you 2009..welcome 2010

Good news...sad occassions..tears and laughters..it was kind of mixed bag for the year 2009 for me and family. Here we are again January the year of 2010, no resolutions made. BUT the most important thing is, I hope and pray to God will continue to bless each everyone of us, my children, family, relatives and friends. Let's hope for a better year to us all :-)