30 January, 2009

Constant craving..

I'm feeling a little hungry at this moment, again am thinking of sweet things to eat like cakes, jellies, ABC, Ice-cream hmm... While browsing through the internet this morning, I saw this pix in one of my folders, it was taken before new year at my cousin's 21st birthday. Looking at it makes my tummy growling even louder hahaha....
This is a 2kg mango yoghurt's cake. The cake was supper delicious and as good as it looks too ;-)
aahhmm....I lost 1 - 2 kg recently( banyak kerja rumah bah) so I think it shouldn't be a problem for a slice of cake hehehe..
Ok I've made up my mind, am going this evening for a lip smacking piece of cake..

29 January, 2009

While you were sleeping...

The kids are all in bed except me, gotta wait hubby's phone call from KL. I'm so tired after a long day and tired doing the house chores and I just wish there's a maid to help me sort out the loads haha...dream on!
Actually I should be back at work after the long weekend and the extra 2 days (Monday & Tuesday) public holidays of Chinese New Year. Mrs Wong (Isaac's nanny) have requested a week break in conjunction with the Lunar celebration, and my boy does not 'fancy' anyone other than the nanny which left us no choice, I have to take leave till this Friday.
Ok, the thing I wanna share here is about CJ-7, how many of you out there know about this little creature, small green body and a big hairy head with antenna on top and a set of BIG brown-black eyes. My girls are so into this creature, Cynthia and Ruth each have their own CJ-7 and a few smaller version of it and to add to their collection, a bed set. I hope there's nothing else they want after this. You see, I'm not really into this little creature , it's kinda weird to me but until hubby and I joined them watching the movie last Monday on Astro AXN 701 (CJ-7 ) then only I knew what is it all about. Tonight while they were asleep, I took a few snaps of them holding their CJ's..just wanted to upload this to my blog am sure Ruth and Cynthia will be very happy CJ-7 is here hehehe.....

23 January, 2009

Still updating my pix

Ada snow lagi di atap rumah and outside window frame ;-)

This is the cake that we had last Christmas, I should have post this pix much earlier but due to technical error...maka ter-delay lah. Again, thanks to Aines for baking such a wonderful Christmas cake kind of unique and special coz its a house with Christmas decos and a wonderful Christmas tree. My girls loved it so much :-D

22 January, 2009

Finally...pix for my blog

Night sky, eve of New Year

The last sunset of 2008(New Year Eve)

Evening walk with our children on New Year's Eve

My girls enjoying the evening breeze along Jln Api-Api centre on New Year's Eve

Class of 1987

Sharing our school days memories...

(from left -Jaini, myself, Avril and Jocelyn)

Oh goodness! It has been 21 years ago, that looo..ng. Can't believe it, seemed only few years well maybe at least 10 years ago perhaps since we left St.Michael, Secondary School in Penampang. Here are some pix of my ex-classmates of 5Sc (bottom fr left) Jaini and myself (seated on sofa) Avril and Jocelyn ( standing fr left) Charlie, Roland, Timothy and Bonnie. There were 21 of us, I think hehe... so finally on the 29th December 2008 we had the opportunity to meet at my place, sort of reunion kecil-kecilan lah. Wow feels so great meeting them again after so long..really missed our school days..cerita tidak pandai habis-habis that day. Jocelyn and Roland the ever loving couple since early school days are now blessed with 2 lovely children. Really salute your true love lah geng..;-D Dear Avril, we always go to the school canteen together haha..aww missed that memory lah Avril. We talked about our little secrets...Hubert? Holly? LOL Jaini, I can never forget the long walk balik rumah. Banyak stories we shared masa pulang rumah from school..even naik jambatan gantung (suspension bridge) masih lagi becerita. Jocelyn we've been school/classmates since primary to secondary school..Oooo that long Lyn!! Ya, we used to pick rambutan and guava right after school hours, atukoi! The guys, Roland..always a sentimental person, with a smiling face be it at good or bad times in school. Charlie, considered to be the naughtiest boy in class, always messing up with the rest in class haha...And Timothy, we 'labelled' him as book worm in class hehe..he's now working with the State Govt, same as I am and still single...uuhhmmm (Bila la kami dapat surat saman dari mu ni?) Last but not least, Bonnie..always put on a smiling face like Roland, muka still the same like before, tidak pandai tua orang bilang. I'm looking forward to meet the rest of the class hopefully this year for a special reunion...can't wait

There is a place in my heart
with your name etched deep
A sweet special place
Where my memories I keep.

17 January, 2009


GGgggrrrr.....I'm just not in the mood of this blogspot.com anymore...why? coz I can't upload pix even after fixing, trying again and again to find the errors. I might consider buying my own domain, a real own domain..teda main transfer-transfer lagi from blogspot. Just for your info I will be posting here and my other blog .
Double dang!

07 January, 2009

Schools can wait...

I'm still on leave..yup..quite a long leave. I purposely took long break since 22 December 08' just to ensure our little girls, Ruth who is in primary one this year and Cynthia in Kindergarten year two enrollment doing just fine. Both of them were so excited as they can't wait to go back to school again but their excitement were hampered last saturday when we spotted tiny red dots appeared on some parts of their body (tummy, back and hands). At first glance, thought the bed bugs or maybe allergy to something might have caused the spots but the next morning (sunday) there were few more red spots appeared on Ruth's face, ok..calming myself I told hubby we should go to the nearest clinic. Doctor confirmed to us, they've got chicken pox (both of them). No medication to stop the spots from coming out, some calamine lotions to sooth the itchiness and fortunately they only suffered mild spots. Thanks to Chicken pox vaccinations ( a must jap for children upon reaching 2 years and above) they were both vaccinated few years ago or otherwise it could be more serious problem. Hubby looked at me blankly, I said, why..he murmured slowly and a little concern, he never get this kind of spots, chicken pox since small..yay..oh man!! I hope you won't get it dear (cross fingers) I had them when I was 7 or 8 mum told me..hehehe..I'm safe then ;-)
The girls are now eagerly waiting for next week monday to continue their classes, Doc gave them a week sick leave..hopefully they will be ok by then.

04 January, 2009

Hmm..tech error

Dear Friends and families,
I have problem putting up images to my postings. I've lots of pix to share with you here but there seems to be problem with my blog server and it could not identify on certain things especially loading pix ( it says, your connection to this web is not encrypted). Hopefully I would be able to find ways to resolve this matter. Mean time, drop by my place ya, who knows the pix might just 'pop' up for you all to see ;-).

02 January, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2009!

I have no lists of new year resolution, I know it will only waste my time to list down everything in a piece of paper, and eventually will lost it somewhere hehehe... I've stored it all inside my head, so easier for me to retrieve it at any time I want it too. Good health is my priority, without it others may not come along. Good ties with families and friends, and oh am extremely happy too, coz I've made new friendship through blogging, met my ex-classmates of St. Michael 5Sc 1987 (will blog about this soonest I can) in the year of 2008. So I hope the good ties will continue in this new year.
Good things comes from Him, so we will continue to pray and praise for His Blessings for another year!