28 April, 2010

'On Your Mark, Get Set..Go!

Saturday last week (24th April 2010), Evergreen Pre-School held their 'Annual Sports Day' at the school's compound. For Isaac, it was something new for him and didn't know what to expect on that day. We arrived around 7.40am, I thought we were the first few parents who came early that day. Such gloomy skies that morning, makes me worried..what if it rain. For sure lots of parents especially the children will be disappointed. But fortunately the grey skies disappeared just as they were about to start the event. Here are some pix taken that day..

Families and friends who came that morning..

Isaac was in a good mood..and I thought..WOW..can't wait to see him doing the tunnel race..

Snapping few more pictures of him when I noticed how he looked at me..oohh boy....that's the sign..

If you know what I mean...hmm

Even though he was not enjoying the pom-pom dance...

At least he tried...poor baby. Am sure next year he will do much better ;-)

Getting ready for the Tunnel Race..despite the fact, no prizes/medals won that day..but hey, we really enjoyed watching him and the others finished all the games. He brought back some goodies of packet drinks, cakes and jellies ;-)

Sisters came along too, (Ruth and Cynthia) giving their moral support to Isaac that day... :-)


SJB said...

Ohhh poor Isaac. Macam kena paksa lah pulak kan. Sian oh. Tapi good boy juga dia oh biar pun menangis tapi masih lagi boleh angkat tu pom pom hehehe. Sian.

Carolyn said...

SJB: Itulah betul2 mcm kena paksa bah hari tu hehe..bengkak eye lid pasal nangis2 tapi lepas tu I brought them jalan2 to the mall..baru mood dia ceria balik :-)

Mummy Gwen said...

I think he did great. ^_^ He participated in all the events...that's very good already. :)

Carolyn said...

Mummy Gwen, I'm also happy that he is enjoying pre-schools activities :-)

shirley said...

dui gia isaac.. haha..walaupun dia nangis..tapi ..he have the determination.. to still do it.. dalam hati dia..'this is for my family!'.. you go boy!..hehe..

Mama Mia said...

oh, i know that look..my daughter gives me that every morning when i drop her to playschool..:)

your boy did quite well juga bah, biarpun menangis..he was able to continue with his activities..

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