15 June, 2010

Mid Term School Break vacation - Part 1

Take 5 near Buffalo Bill area..the weather was so hot..phew

Daddy's task...to bring them around with that big float around the surf beach
while I sip my milk shake and a large box of popcorn ;-)

The Lion and my little princess of Narnia :-)

They can't resist on taking Buffalo Bill Coaster...

Vulture ride with my little boy..awesome ;-)

No carousel, Wagon Wheel acceptable ;-)

Another carousel at Sunway, I was hoping I could ride this too but malu pulak.. :-p

Wildlife Centre..can you see the red parrot eating sugar cane..aren't they beautiful

My two youngest wondering with peacocks and wild birds around them :-)

An Albino monkey trying to reach out Isaac's stroller..but then we were advised not to stand/hold those animals to avoid unnecessary problem :-)

Sunway Lagoon from afar

Ruth on a carousel

We stayed 2 days at Sunway Pyramid
(Background is the Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa)

4.45am at KKIA watching Mr.Bean cartoon from my handphone..
Eventhough still sleepy but they were actually so excited about the trip

Mid term school breaks now entering its 2nd week..Last Saturday, 5th June, we brought the kids to Kuala Lumpur for 7 nights and 8 days fun filled vacation. It was great, spending lots of quality time together and enjoying every moment with the children. I sensed that it has brought us more closer to each other... ^-^
Above are some pictures out of 400 pix taken during the trip. Probably it will cost me around RM200 just to develop all of it :-)


Mummy Gwen said...

Wow..great holiday! You all basically went to all the parks..hehe. :)

Carolyn said...

Yes Mummy Gwen we went to most park except Extreme Park :-)

chegu carol said...

siok tingu the kids happily playing. when we were in KL the other day for a wedding shoot, ingat2 mau pi Sunway Lagoon juga since we stayed nearby...tapi time was limited for us to roam around. too bad.

SJB said...

Happy bah budak budak. Eh..bukan budak budak saja happy, si mummy pun happy hehehe.

Carolyn said...

Chegu: yes they were the ones paling happy. Okay la juga the place, lots of games n rides hehe..

SJB: Ya bah mummy dorang pun happy juga but that day the weather was too hot for me ..jadi sya di shades saja tingu dorang enjoying the games/swimming

Anonymous said...

Wah, so much fun. Mcm sya pun mau ikut pi main2 sana :) 7N8D? Puuuunnnnyyyaaa lama tu. Abis mangkali satu semenanjung kamu keliling ni.. hehehe... Siok tingu gambar kamurang. Semua pun gumbira esp. the children :)

Carolyn said...

sekitar KL ja Ornest..sya bah yang tidak berani bawa budak2 merantau jauh-jauh. Walaupun panat menjaga 3 budak keci2 nii tapi mmg gumbira juga lah masa tu :-)

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